Can you spot the bug in our @sonicpi code?

Week 5 – Well it was always going to be a noisy week and we were not disappointed once the children got their hands on Sonic Pi.  First of all we all lined up to become a human code. We were each given a card to hold with a command on, some were noises and others were sleeps. We had to run the code by acting out our command when the control card was passed to us. We learn’t all about the importance of sleeps and what happend when a command we did not understand was introduced, in other words a bug in the code. After this we were let lose on the Raspberry Pi’s and began entering a simple code to run while playing around with the different synths. Then we had a game of Sabotage, we had to put a deliberate bug in our code and then let someone else try to debug it. Ethan and Myles were so sneaky that even Mrs Lowe & Mrs Clemo failed to spot it. Have a go yourself by checking the photo of our code. Next week we will be looking at loops in Sonic Pi and of course playing around with the sounds.