Guess the Tune @sonicpi Great to see kids so excited about a lesson!

Week 6 – Should we be having this much fun in lessons? The answer is YES! This week we continued to look at Sonic Pi our lesson was Guess that Tune! We had to input code using the  play pattern function,  



 define the bpm to form part of a tune, run it, then fill in our answer sheet with the name of the tune we thought the code represented. We did this for 5 tunes then compared our answers with each other. Tune 3 had most of us fooled apart from Jack and Matthew. We then took each tune and increased and decreased the bpm to see what would happen. We went wild when we increased This Old Man to 900 bpm it sounded incredible. The second part of our lesson involved us taking each tune and playing around with the different Synths. By the end of the lesson we had achieved our learning objective by playing a series of musical notes by coding and began to use functions and variables. Thank you to the University of East Anglia School of Computing Science for the resource which we adapted for use with the latest version of Sonic Pi. All our resources will be shared on our website shortly.