I can solder thanks to @DGA110p @arthrgarlck @traktorfactor at #Rjam

Tonight 9 children from Mary Mags Pi Club visited Preston Raspberry Jam to learn how to solder. Dave Gallop had very kindly sourced some badges that they could solder together, to create a colour changing flashing LED badge, saying I can solder. He had enlisted the help of Arthur G and Dave Lowe and the badge cost just £1.78 to make.  The children had been excited about soldering for the past couple of weeks and were not disappointed, they did a splendid job and were very grateful for the opportunity. The task involved a lot of concentration, listening skills and hand eye coordination.  A couple of children even went on to solder a little LED board that they can now contact up to the Raspberry Pi and run a code in Python. Thank you so much Dave, Arthur & Dave for the opportunity. 

Also tonight 2 of the children gave a lightning talk on their current projects. Firstly William wowed us with his Binary clock soldering project. 

Then Joshua aka @all_about_code gave us a sneak preview of his new app called Peak Messenger and asked for advice and feedback on the project so far. 

All in all a very productive and rewarding evening at Preston Raspberry Jam which turned 3 today thanks to the hard work of Alan O’Donohoe and his fantastic support network. 

Happy Birthday Raspberry Jam Preston!