Our Digital Leaders give @_codebug the thumbs up …

  What happens when you let your Digital Leaders lose with a new product? Answer – They get veg from the school garden and turn it into a veg keyboard of course.

In preparation for September we gave a couple of our Digital Leaders a Codebug to have a play around with and let us know what they thought of it and could we use them in school. 
Within minutes they had it scrolling messages and it was able to be worn as a name/message badge. They then explored the other activities on the Codebug site and decided to get fresh veg from the school garden to make the fruit/veg keyboard. What was really impressive about this is that it was all achieved in half an hour making it very easy to fit into a lesson with something physical to show at the end of it. Another thing they felt was important was how similar the dropping of blocks of code was to scratch and how quickly the younger end of school would be able to use Codebug. A major plus side was affordability and practicality being able to hook up to the net books and move around classes with ease. 

All in all their initial thoughts on Codebug are how valuable this would be to any school to engage children’s imagination when it comes to computer programming and electronics. The possibilities are varied and endless. This product is definitely on our wish list!