Minions take over scratch GPIO – a fantastic last club session before the summer holidays @cymplecy

  Week 8 – It’s hard to believe it is our last session before the summer holidays but what a fantastic time we had. We continued to look at Scratch GPIO which was created by the very talented Simon Walters (@cymplecy) this allows Scratch to interact with physical hardware and is a great steppingstone to then trying similar projects using a more complex programming language such as Python. Because of Scratch GPIO’s ease of use it allows children even in KS1 to also quickly get results with LEDs, switches and buzzers and begin using breadboards, resistors and jumper wires. 
The project involved us firstly looking at how a breadboard works, what job the resistors do and how to tell the difference between the positive and negative leg of the LED. The children were then given a worksheet to follow and when they felt confident their set up was correct had it checked before switching on the Raspberry Pi.

 They then opened up Scratch GPIO and designed their own Minion sprite as well as creating a new costume. Once they were happy with this they input their code so that the Blue LED and White LED (which were inside the Minion sweet) flashed on and off at the same time as their sprite changed costume on screen. The children then debugged if necessary and then played around with the timings to speed up or slow down the flashing.

 We would like to wish our Year 6 children all the best for their future at All Hallows Catholic High school. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support, we hope you continue to build on your ever expanding knowledge and look forward to seeing you progress further.