Amazing what a 10yr old can create with a @cpc_kit and a microwave tub from poundland @biglesp

During the summer holidays Elise noticed a lot of Bat activity in her garden and decided to help them find the perfect spot. Inspired by her work with the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi and breadboards before the summer, she decided to build a BATBOT. Elise did a presentation at the latest Preston Raspberry Jam explaining how she made it and this week shared her work with Year 6.  She explained how she built it using resistors, a micro controler , jumper wires, a piezo sounder, a solar cell for its main breadboard and a battery powered LED all from CPC, then assembled it to fit in a poundland microwave tub. What was really inspiring was the accuracy of her explanation about what each component did and why it was needed. The class were so enthused by the workings going on inside the tub it changed the way they started looking at everyday electronic gadgets and now can’t wait for their electronics topic later in the year.

Also during the summer, one of our digital leaders attended this years YRS Festival of Code. After a week of coding with a team at Leigh Hackspace he went down to present the final app at Birminghams International Convention Centre. 

But now the summers over and a new term begins bringing with it our regular coders and new recruits. Everyone was full of enthusiasm planning out our next few weeks. With a wishlist consisting of Unicorn Hats, Cam Jam kits, Astro Pi, Codebug…… at this rate we will need a whole weeks Hackathon – Now there’s a thought!