Blinking marvellous fun with @pimoroni unicorn hats!

As promised we have made a start on the club members wishlist. This week we began to look at the Unicorn Hat from Pimoroni which is an 8×8 matrix of 64 RGB LEDs that sits on top of the Pi whilst being powered by it. When we told the club members that by the end of the  session they would have super powers they didn’t quite believe us – maybe we did stretch the truth by saying this but they did all become Super Users! In order to complete this weeks tasks we needed to run IDLE as a Super User, this allowed us to give commands with special permission that then grant access to things we might not normally have access to. We then used our new found powers to blink, scroll and create rainbow effects. Now we have our super powers we want to build on them over the next few weeks starting with altering individual pixels RGB by altering the Hue, Saturation and value – progressing to painting Rainbows and then finally  using unicorn paint to create our very own digital masterpieces. 

Autumn Term 2015 Session 2