Can we program it to do homework Miss?

In answer to the question-only if it can be programmed to mark the books. Today we looked at the Maplin Robotic Arm working with a python script, which allowed us to control it using the arrow keys on our keyboard. We had great fun hacking the code to adjust the speed and became pretty good at getting it to pick things up. The highlight of course was when someone had the idea of getting the arm to control a pencil, and next came the question “Can we program it to do homework Miss?” Now there’s an idea, I guess anything is possible. Not only did we get to program the robot using the keyboard, we also used gestures to move the arm by using the Pimoroni Skywriter HAT thanks to the code written by Dan Aldred @TeCoEd – thanks Dan. 

  Using the gesture control was tricky as there was a longer delay in movement and it wasn’t as smooth but we still thought it was pretty cool. 

Not satisfied with just the robotic arm we settled down to the task of debugging our Unicorn Hat rainbow codes from last week and after sorting out various updates, syntax errors and then running through Idle we had some very pretty colourful displays. However we were most impressed with the amazing pictures we created on Unicornpaint from Flags of the world, to Minecraft characters we even ended up with our very own matrix Raspberry Pi logo. Infact it was like a mini Blackpool Illuminations – just without being stuck in traffic.

Autumn Term 2015 Session 4