Spooktacular Scratch GPIO & Unicornhats @cymplecy @biglesp

With Halloween just round the corner we decided to have a spooky last look at the Unicornhat but this time using Scratch GPIO. After playing around with a few example codes we set the club members the challenge of coding their own pumpkin. Myself and Mrs C stood back this session ( busy stirring our coding cauldrons) to see just what our coders could achieve.

We were not disappointed by the results, it was not long before every which way we looked, we had pumpkins flashing, growing and asking us questions. 

Working in teams our coders had managed to take control of each pixel and determined whether they wanted it red/green/blue/magenta/cyan/yellow or white. They were able to invert colours, have them random, join pixels in rows, move all pixels up, down, left to right and change costumes. What was really interesting was nobody attempted using the advanced RGB hexadecimal number to actually create orange. I don’t think the pumpkins minded! I think it is safe to say that the Unicornhat from Pimoroni is a great little add on and has given us a few weeks of fun and developed our coding and debugging skills at the same time.

Thank you to Simon Walters of Cymplecy- simplesi.net for the examples.

Autumn Term 2015 Session 5