Year 6 go undercover with @Raspberry_Pi @starbucks hidden cup camera.

In literacy year 6 are currently looking at the spy based novel Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Part of their task was to design a blueprint of a spy gadget incorporated into an everyday object. Of course our Raspberry Pi enthusiasts immediately saw an opportunity to have a little tech fun and at this weeks Pi club session enlisted the help of @all_about_code to help them with their top secret mission. Their idea was to hide a Raspberry Pi and camera in a take away coffee cup then spy on the school by live streaming using motionPie.

Day one – They loaded the motionPie software on to a blank micro sd card then inserted it into the Pi. After setting up the Pi with camera, power bank and wi Pi they attached an Ethernet  cable , then using the Fing app on the iPad they found the IP address, once they had this they typed it into the web browser and the motionPie camera image appeared. After logging in as admin and setting up the wifi they rebooted and unplugged the Ethernet cable. This now allowed them to use wifi connection to view the camera image. Once the set up was complete they neatly tucked everything into the takeaway coffee cup that they had cut a very sneaky hole into. They aligned the camera lens and hole, placed the lid on the cup and then planned their mission for the next day.

Day Two – After showing their SpyCup to the rest of the stunned Year 6 they set off around the school with a member of staff holding the cup who pretended to have a sip now and again, while they visited every class to see if any Digital leader jobs needed doing. Little did the whole school know that they were all being watched on the smart board back in year 6 via a live stream. They even got a sneak peek in the staff room. I think it is safe to say Mission complete.

Thanks to @all_about_code for the training, for the full tutorial visit

Autumn Term 2015 Session 6