It’s not everyday you get to program your teacher – thanks to @baggiepr

This week the digital leaders helped run a programming session for year 6. We had previously looked at Algorithms and last week had a go at designing one for our morning routine. This week year 6 got to have a go at writing an algorithm to program their robot teacher to make a jam sandwich. Easy or so they thought! It wasn’t until they actually tried out their algorithm that they started realising the importance of giving clear and precise instructions. Each pupil was provided with a list of controls and commands that they could use.




 It wasn’t long before year 6 realised  that each one of their algorithms had errors in, so they joined forces to debug and come up with a whole class one. The end result resembled a jam sandwich of some description, but who forgot the butter? 

This was a fantastic session that really enthused the pupils. It really consolidated the meaning of algorithms in a fun and engaging way – after all it’s not everyday you get to control your teacher, or is it?

Here is a short clip of part of the session.

Thanks to Phil Bagge for the tutorial. 

Autumn Term 2015 Session 7