It’s like finding a Golden Ticket- @all_about_code introduces us to the #PiZero @MagPiTeam.

What would you buy with a spare £4? Yes that’s right it’s not a mistake it says £4. The Release of the Pi Zero allows even more children to access a computer and discover their coding abilities for less than the price of a tub of Haribos! Now that’s just Genius! The Pi Zero is an Ultra small, hack able pocket money price computer that runs Raspbian and all the applications we love like Scratch, Sonic Pi, Minecraft etc. Already there are loads of project ideas popping up all over the place. The MagPi magazine even gave the Pi Zero away on the cover of their December Issue with a bumper project guide inside, the demand was so high that they had to print more copies of the magazine and all stockists of the Pi Zero completely sold out even to this day. We think this alone makes any owner of a Pi Zero feel like they have a Golden Ticket for Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory. 

We will be looking into some of the Pi Zero projects next term. 

Our Pi enthusiasts were all very kean today to put their skills learn’t in 2015 to the test and embrace 2016 by dabbling in a little Python. Some using the Unicorn Hat and others using Pibrella. 

UNICORNHAT- Noah and William took great pleasure in firstly working out how to control each individual pixel using the x and y axis and RGB. They then worked out how to alter the amount given to the RGB values in order to mix the colours and then managed to code all this in Python. 

PIBRELLA- Jack and Matthew used the Pibrella for the first time today. Firstly they used the Pibrella Cheat Sheet from › pibrella then once they felt confident they coded the Pibrella to flash the lights, sound the buzzer whilst printing their name on screen at the touch of the big red button. 


All this in just an hour – imagine what could be achieved in a whole day.

Spring Term 2016 Session 1