Year 5 space lessons get exciting with Pibrella fun from @cpc_tweet and @GeekGurlDiaries

After showing our Digital Leaders the Geek Gurl Diaries Digital  Garden project video last week we gave them the challenge of creating something different to control using the Pibrella add on we bought from CPC. Then using a motor, wires and some Python code make their design spin when the button was pressed.

Jack and Matthew decided to concentrate on year fives space topic, after all the excitement of Tim Peaks first spacewalk, they built their own solar system out of paper balls and kebab sticks.

Of course this would’nt be Pi Club if it didn’t involve a Raspberry Pi. Jack and Matthew then added a motor to their solar system and connected it to the Pibrella. After this they wrote their code in Python so that when the button was pressed their Solar system spun round. It was trial and error getting the speed right and they had many a time when it flew straight of the motor. 

Some of the other projects included spinning optical illusions, helicopters and even a Landrover. Everybody had great fun playing around with their code, adjusting timings and controls, debugging and challenging each other.

Spring Term 2016 session 2