We make sense of the Sense HAT with @TheMagP1 essentials digital book.

This week Elise and Isaac started to work through the MagPi essentials digital book for the sense HAT they won in the Astro Pi competition. They started off by scrolling messages, lighting up individual letters, creating images and setting orientation. After this they detected the temperature in the room.

30 degrees in mid January? 

“SAY WHAT!” Somebody needs to turn the radiators down! Once they had played around with some of the sensors, they decided to start creating an Interative Pixel Pet. After a few designs I think they have decided on their pet design ready for coding next week.

Some of our other Digital Leaders continued work with the Pibrella, this week using the excellent resources from Cam Jam Pibrella Workshop. George and Austin challenged themselves to run a code to mimick the way traffic lights work. They firstly discussed the correct sequence, then wrote an algorithm for it. After this they wrote their code in Python. Mrs C even cut out surrounds for the lights. Great work guys!

Spring Term session 3