All the best parties jam with @sonic_pi 

This week was party week to celebrate the 4th or 1st birthday, depending how you look at it, of the Raspberry Pi. Of course it wouldn’t be a birthday without a present and to celebrate it in style the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched the Raspberry Pi 3 with built in WiFi and Bluetooth- NICE! So nice we couldn’t resist The Pi Hut’s price of £30.

All_about_code showed us his Pi3 hooked up to an Energenie which he had bought at the Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash in Cambridge at the weekend. It allowed him to control the plug socket remotely. 


He also told us about some of the workshops he had attended and gave us some idea for lessons. We did do a bit of coding this week with Sonic Pi looking at the Challenge for Tim Peake. After that it was time for a little boogie to one of Sam Aaron’s live coding videos and then we tucked in to the delicious cake kindly sent to us from Preston Raspberry Jam. Thanks Alan!

Spring Term 2016 Session 5