@all_about_code helps us to try out his Python module- EduPy for @CambridgeJam EduKit#3 Robotics from @ThePiHut

It is great to see the enthusiasm of our Digital leaders setting up their own web blogs, reviewing products, designing resources and having a go at creating a better way to use things already out there. This week @all_about_code helped us to build a robot using the CamJam EduKit he bought while at the Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash in Cambridge. The kit includes links to 9 worksheets that take you through a step by step process from building the robot to driving and turning, line detecting, obstacle avoidance etc – all the code is written in Python. @all_about_code decided to have a go at creating a Python module that simplified the instructions the user needs to give the robot to make it do things.

The group involved in building the robot throughly enjoyed the challenge and managed to debug problems from PIN numbers being the wrong way round,creating the motors to turn in opposite directions and making the robot spin to no movement at all caused by wires coming loose.

The EduKit costs £17 from the Pi Hut and contains 

Custom designed pre-soldered motor controller board

2 Dc motors (wires pre-soldered)

2 wheels

1 ball castor (acts as 3rd wheel)

1 small breadboard

2 pieces 3m strong double sided tape

Battery box for 4 AA batteries

Ultrasonic distance sensor

Line following sensor

Resistors and Jumper cables

A strong cardboard box to use as a chassis

So that we could drive the robot wirelessly we used SSH.

With so many projects to do with this kit I think we will be updating you on the progress over the next few blogs. 

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Spring Term 2016

Session 6&7