Morse code messages with EduPython & CamJam EduKit @all_about_code

One of the most rewarding things about working in a school is seeing the development of skills as children challenge themselves at the same time as supporting each other. 

One of those examples is the continued support they are giving to testing out EduPython which is a Python Library created by 12 year old @all_about_code to make Python easier to use with the CamJam Edu Kit range. This week Jack and Matthew continue to help test out the library by sending messages using Morse code using EduPython resource sheet 5. Now just think about the hours of fun you could have doing that. We also had a look at coding a traffic light sequence with just a few simple EduPython commands. 

I think it is safe to say they found EduPython really quick and easy to use


We look forward to using it for more of the projects.To use EduPython open up the LX Terminal and type sudo pip3 install edupy a getting started guide and resource sheets can be found on GitHub

Spring Term 2016

Session 8