Can u believe @MaryMagsPiClub is one today- that’s a whole year of coding, a whole year of blogging & a whole year of FUN!

This week we celebrate our 1st Birthday- yes that’s right the MaryMagsPi Club is one year old. That’s a whole year of coding, a whole year of blogging and a whole year of fun.  How did we celebrate I hear you say? Well with doughnuts of course.

This week at Pi Club we had a very special visitor- our computing governor Mrs Heaton. It was a really great opportunity for the Digital Leaders to share their knowledge of coding today and listen to Mrs Heatons experience of when she first started out and how it has progressed over time. We were so excited to show her everything we do and what we use. Of course we started with various models of the Raspberry Pi and some of our favourite HATs such as the Sense Hat, Unicorn hat and the Pibrella. We then broke out with the CamJam kits and had plenty of debugging to do along the way. We had hoped to have our CamJam robot up and running with the sensors however somebody forgot to charge the power bank didn’t they (@all_about_code)

We also showed her the Codebug and explained how beneficial and versatile it was for primary schools and how well the transition from this to the Microbit worked. 

After we had shared some of the adventures the club had had so far we told Mrs Heaton about some of the upcoming events like the Digital Leaders Conference, CAS #include conference and our very own event #makersphere .

We really enjoyed having Mrs Heaton attend the Pi Club and hope she enjoyed it enough to pop in again sometime.

Summer Term 2016

Session 2