#Makersphere2016 One word = Awesome @biglesp @ItsAll_GeekToMe 

On Saturday the 18th June 2016 members of the local tech community along with staff and parents from St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School Penwortham, opened our school doors and invited people back to school for a free digital event called Makersphere. 

It had been many months in the planning, many late nights preparing and plenty of giggles along the way. Organisers Les Pounder, Rachel Lancaster and our very own Mrs Clemo and Mrs Lowe each brought their own individual strengths to the planning and the outcome far exceeded all expectations. 

Over 350 people attended the day and participated in 6 hours of back to back workshops in 12 rooms catering for all ages and abilities. Workshops included creating your own digital pet using the same technology that astronaut Tim Peake had used aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Wearable technologies were the must see event with children creating illuminated bags or pencil cases by sewing with conductive thread. Children also used fruit as a form of input with Codebug, learnt how to take control of a Minecraft world with code and created huge buttons for a Giant reaction race. The children even had the chance to learn about robotics and step into virtual reality.

The day was a great success and has spearheaded an increased interest in Computing and creativity in the classroom. Before attending this event most people would have been forgiven for thinking that a Raspberry Pi was something you serve up with cream and that Codebug, Scratch and Microbit sounded like cartoon characters.   

Children and adults left with a number of ideas and resources to help them take the next step into a brave new world where they will shape the future with inventions and ideas based on these pocket money devices.

We would like to thank everybody who helped out in not only the day but also the run up for their kind donations of equipment & time. Some of whom are pictured above and others who had gone home to lie down. Without ur support the day would not have been as successful as it was. We hope we see u back next year for: #Makersphere2017